Our Values

A long-term commitment for a flawless security



Integrity, impartiality and independence of our services, respect for the human being and social and environmental liability all contribute to qualifying CARSO as a responsible actor. These values ​​are a core priority allowing us to bring forward our RSE policy in accordance with BPI's SRI guidelines.    


A rapid mass production, fine and reliable analytical data on a constantly widening molecules panel, require the use of the most advanced technologies related to our fields of expertise. CARSO stands apart for its recognized ability in integrating these technologies, still unrivalled in France.    


Our world is increasingly sensitive to environment and health related risks. Therefore, new regulations constantly come into force, strengthening our customers’ expectations: new molecules, increased sensitivity, shorter analysis duration, new certification constraints…. Our high responsiveness allows us to adapt forthwith and provide operational responses to the constant flow of new regulatory requirements.    


We offer complex services, to meet equally complex specifications. This involves a genuine partnership with our clients, whose success depends on the reliability of our mutual relationships. Our regional settlements all over France and Europe and our customer service expertise and the responsiveness are our response to this challenge.      

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