fruits_et_legumesCARSO analyses the pesticides found in all agri-food products at relevant quantification thresholds to check compliance with MRLs* (Maximum residue limits for phytosanitary products) and with European, national and local regulations etc…


CARSO analyses hundreds of pesticides (organochlorines, organophosphates, organonitrogens, pyrethroids, triazoles, carbamates, PBO, growth regulators….) in all foodstuffs (human and baby nutrition and animal feed…) and in all animal or vegetal raw materials.


Various types of pesticides:

  • – Organochlorides
  • – Organophosphates
  • – Organonitrogens
  • – Pyrethroids
  • – Natural pyrethrins
  • – Triazoles
  • – Carbamates
  • – PBO
  • – Methylcarbamates
  • – Piperonylbutoxide
  • – Ureas
  • – Phenoxyacids
  • – Organotins
  • – Growth regulators


Our specialists provide all the technical and regulatory information for recommended pesticides, the MRLs * to be observed in accordance with the regulations in force and the conclusions to be mentioned on analyses reports.


Furthermore, CARSO provides a real-time access to the regulations and alerts related to your own activity, available on CARSO ON LINE, Regulatory Watch


*(Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) of the European Union)