GMOs presence in the agri-food industry is regulated by EU and French official texts.

  • Regulation 1830/2003/EC, imposes GMOs traceability throughout the whole agri-food supply chain.
  • Regulation 1829/2003/EC sets a labelling threshold of 0.9 % for authorized GMOs in Europe (established per ingredient).
  • Regulation 619/2011/EC sets a labelling threshold at 0.1% for animal feeds and deals with non-authorized GMOs under certain conditions.
  • – French Decree 2012-1282 determines the labelling for ‘’GM-free’’ sectors of the agri-food supply chain.


CARSO offers a real-time search for GM corn, soya, rapeseed, rice, potatoe, beetroot … via PCR technology, on raw products (seeds, flours, cattle feeds etc.) as well as finished products.


CARSO proposes several analytical approaches :


  • – GMOs screening with P35S test, Tnos, Pnos, P-FMV, Bar and Pat …
  • – Specific identification tests for GMOs events:


  • GM corn: GA21, MIR604, MON88017, MON89034, MIR162, Bt11, DAS59122, TC1507, T25, NK603, MON863, MON810, MON87460, 3272, DAS-4078-9, Bt176 ….
  • GM soya: RRS, MON89788, MON87701, ARR47-127, A2704-12, DP356043, MON87708, MON87705, MON87769, BPS-CV127-9, DP-205423-1, FG72 …
  • GM rapeseed: T45, MS8, RF3, GT73, MON88302 …
  • GM rice: LL62, Bt63….
  • Potatoe: EH92-527
  • Beetroot: H7-1…


The laboratory can detect both authorized and unauthorized GMOs in Europe.


  • – Specific quantification tests for each GMO event to meet regulatory requirements


CARSO experts can assist you in defining the best analytical approaches, and our regulatory watch site provides in real-time all the regulatory and normative information.