Dioxins, PCBs and dioxin-like PCBs in food products


CARSO has been analysing dioxins for over 20 years in its Lyon-Venissieux laboratory, specialized in contaminant analysis, with the most extensive HRMS analysis equipment in France and recognized as a major one in Europe.


Our teams, doctors of science, engineers and technicians analyse brominated and chlorinated dioxins, PCBs and dioxin-like PCBs, PBDEs, PFOS … in animal and human nutrition in accordance with the various European regulations in force.


  • – Dioxins (chlorinated and brominated)
  • – Dioxin-like PCBs
  • – Non dioxin-like PCBs
  • – PBDEs
  • – PFOS
  • – …….


CARSO has been granted the required approvals and accreditations to carry out dioxins and PCBs analysis in the whole range of agri-food products.


Accessible to customers, our website (CARSO On Line) is updated  in real-time with regulations and alerts (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No. 1259/2011 of 2 December 2011 amending Regulation (EC) No. 1881/2006 related to the maximum permitted levels for dioxins, dioxin-like PCBs and non dioxin-like PCBs in foodstuffs).