Analyses of nutritional composition

Foodstuffs nutritional composition, essential in a balanced diet, is a key factor for both consumers and agri-food industrialists.

Our laboratory, owing to its customer service, is a major actor in the compliance audit of food products nutritional composition.



Services offered by CARSO


CARSO is at your disposal for carrying out the following analyses in its laboratories:

  • – Proteins
  • – Carbohydrates (starch, sugars, polyols…)
  • – Lipids (fatty, saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, trans acids, omega 3 and 6  …)
  • – Total, soluble, insoluble dietary fibres …
  • – Minerals
  • – Water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins
  • – Sterols
  • – Organic acids
  • – Alcoholic strength
  • – Additives (preservatives, sweetening agents, flavour enhancers, humectants etc.…)


The aim of which is to ensure compliance with regulations in force and products specifications.

Owing to this comprehensive offer, we are in a position to assess the nutritional composition of any foodstuff in accordance with the regulations in force:


  • – The INCO Group (proteins, lipids of which saturated and trans acids, carbohydrates, of which sugar, salt, caloric value) provides for the mandatory display of a nutritional declaration from 13/12/2016 onwards, as per 1169/2011 regulation.
  • – Other foreign nutritional declarations : proteins, lipids of which saturated and trans acids, carbohydrates of which sugars, fibres, sodium, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, cholesterol, caloric value


We offer our expertise to validate any labelling in accordance with the new INCO regulations.

Our skilled engineers are available on a daily basis to interpret the results, advise on the choice of analyses to be carried out within a monitoring plan, a regulatory requirement or any specific request.