Food products authentication

CARSO is dedicated to food products authentication

CARSO is a high standard scientific actor experienced in the control of food products authenticity.


The new technologies developed by CARSO to control food products authenticity, based on very high-tech disruptive analytical techniques and equipments, are more cost-efficient for our customers than our competitors’ current techniques:


  • Oils: olive, sunflower, corn, palm oil…
  • Honeys: exogenous sugars addition
  • Naturalness of fruit flavours: natural or artificial flavours
  • Flavours: identification of natural versus artificial flavours: vanilla, aromatic herbs, capsaicinoids and authenticity of all involved raw materials
  • Coffee: determination of the presence of Robusta in a variety of Arabica, as well as the proportion of Arabica / Robusta in a blending
  • Alcohol authenticity
  • Food colourings: Sudan Red, others…
  • Fat: Milk fat purity
  • Meat-based dishes: identification of more than 20 animal species, using  DNA chips
  • Fish-base dishes: identification of more than 50 fish species using PCR-RFLP analysis


CARSO is using various technologies, such as chromatography, mass spectrometry, molecular biology, DNA sequencing, DNA chips… to detect potential frauds in foodstuffs.

A considerable investment in Research and Development allows CARSO to apply the most appropriate methods on a case-by-case basis during the authenticity control of a product.


We also rely on competent partners for more specific analyses to fully meet our customers’ expectations.