AuditWhat we believe: an audit should be based on people’s respect, attention and knowledge sharing. Its added value is rather due to improvement than judgement.


Audits can either be scheduled or unanounced  (in accordance with the audited company’s decision and its prior agreement in principle).



Audits are a remarkable tool for improvement, available in three versions :


  • → First party audits

First line audits or internal audits: they are carried out either by the organization’s staff or by CARSO on the organization’s behalf.



  • → Second party audits

Second party audits or external audits are conducted by the different parties involved in the audited organization such as its customers, or acting on their behalf.

CARSO can also audit your suppliers.



  • → Third-party audit

Third-party audits are conducted by external and independent audit organizations such as the accredited bodies in charge of registration or ISO, IFS and other standards conformity certification.


For obvious ethical reasons (one cannot be judge and jury), CARSO does not wish to be involved in these particular audits, but provides the following services:

  • – Mock audit (assistance in the preparation of certification audits)
  • – Advice on the choice of the certification body


and any specific subject related to your organization (Human Resources, Maintenance, Specifications, Regulations, Cleaning and Disinfection, Infrastructure and equipment, Management of foreign material …).


→  The audit benefits


Auditing is an effective and reliable tool, both for the definition and the implementation of any managerial policies. Auditing also provides relevant information in order to act and improve the organization’s performance.


The audit is conducted by an independent auditor, thus ensuring an objective look on the audited company and acting as an improvement vector. As part of the audits carried out by CARSO, auditors also provide their acquired experience and know-how in the audited organization’s field.


The audit is conducted on site, with those involved (workers, employees, quality manager, managing Direction ….)




→ Our skills

All our auditors have years of experience in their field and/or in agri-food inspection. Our team also consists of certification auditors for accredited organisms (ISO, IFS, BRC…)



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