What we believe: the consultant listens, assesses and proposes experiential solutions. The consultant provides his assistance in the implementation of simple, (« necessary and sufficient »), useful and efficient systems.

CARSO experts have acquired a significant experience through their support to supermarkets, agri-food processing companies, artisans and catering professionals.

It is a real opportunity to take advantage from their advice, specifically related to you own business.

Auditors can help in improving your organization according to your requirements, by a relevant risk and opportunities analysis.

One hour, one day, one month or one year, our involvement is initially defined in keeping with your request.


For whom?

  • → Supermarkets
  • → IAA
  • → Artisans and catering professionals


  • – Exploitation of analytical results
  • – Assistance in the control plans implementation
  • – Assistance in the drafting of products specifications
  • – Assistance in the implementation of infrastructure specification for stores
  • – Assistance in the development and implementation of a suppliers’ referencing
  • – Assistance in the implementation of  a quality system within a store
  • – Assistance in the recruitment of skilled staff for quality departments
  • – Support of new employees in their mission
  • – ….


Conduct of a consulting mission

  • – Contact with CARSO to determine both purpose and scope of the mission
  • – Proposal on the mission terms (duration, cost, date…)
  • – Contract as per agreement terms
  • – Mission achievement
  • – Final assessment


Our skills

All our experts have years of experience in the field of agri-food consulting. Our team also consists of high-ranking certification auditors for accredited organisms (ISO, IFS, BRC…) and experienced consultants, with specific professional skills recently acquired in a food company or within the large-scale distribution sector (quality manager,  production manager, shop manager…).